Tour of 9 days

The Gobi is not just a desert, it is the desert! When you think of one of them, you probably see a huge piece of sand, 50ºC… Well, the Gobi is much more than this. High mountains, steppas, glaciers, sand, tracks, and ancient Mongolian towns will make this trip an amazing journey.

Group of 7 people

You or your group will be joined by up to nine other people who share your interests and hobbies.

Tour distance of 1600 km

Join 30 MPS Adventures to live this expedition in one of the most spectacular countries for adventure riding. Learn about this amazing culture and the great conqueror Chinggis Khaan, who led the world hundreds of years ago.

Total Price €3,300

Join 30 MPS Adventures to live this expedition in one of the most spectacular countries for adventure riding. Learn about this amazing culture and the great conqueror Chinggis Khaan, who led the world hundreds of years ago.

Visual Map
General Information

- Terrain: 30% asphalt,
- 70% off-roadBike: rental bike (SHERCO SEF450)
- Mileage: 1600 kilometers
- Daily rides: 100 - 350 kilometers
- Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- 7 days / 6 nights of travel in the countryside
- 2 nights in Ulaanbaatar city
- Non riders are welcome to join in all tours, price on request
- 100% fully supported off-road tour

Price Includes

- Pick up service from and to the airport
- Private support team
- All meals during the trip
- All camping gear needed
- Last hotel night in Ulaanbaatar
- Ger camp costs
- National park entrance fees
- Support vehicle1 guide/tour leader, 1 mechanic, 1 private chef, 2 assistants
- Gas
- Bottled water, drinks, snacks

Price not Includes

- Flight expenses
- Visa cost
- Health insurance

Day 1

Enduro Expedition will pick you up from airport with Enduro Expedition sign. Once in Ulaanbaatar , you will move to a hotel in the center of the capital. Depending on flight schedules, you will make a small tour of the city or the famous statue of Chinggis Khan. In the afternoon, you will go to see the bikes, dinner, tour and safety briefing, then sleep. Tomorrow we will start the tour!

Day 2

Ulaan Baatar to Baga Gazariin Chuluu (280 kilometers / 174 miles)
You will attend a early briefing in the morning before starting to drive. You will leave Ulan Bator southbound on paved roads. You will arrive to Baga Gazariin Chuluu in the middle of the afternoon. Traditional Ger (Yurta) camp awaits you with a replenishing dinner. Today is a day to get acquainted with your mounts and driving through Mongolia and ride down the first tracks towards the Gobi. Please note that today’s route will be 50% off road.

Day 3

Baga Gazariin Chuluu to Tsagaan Suvraga (240 kilometers / 149 miles)
This early morning, you will continue heading south with a brief stop in Mandalgovi where you will refuel and buy groceries for the next few days. You will cross the immense plains and long uninhabited distances of the Middle Gobi, where you will hardly cross a vehicle on the road. Part of the day goes by tracks where the wind will be your companion. You will arrive at the Ger camp at the end of the afternoon, where each one will be able to enjoy being alone in the surroundings.

Day 4

Tsagaan Suvraga to Yoliin Am (200 kilometers / 124 miles) 40% offroad
Today, you leave the Middle Gobi region and head towards Dalanzadgad, towards the southernmost part of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. It is increasingly difficult to find nomadic groups, and you will enjoy the beauty of Mount Gurvan Saikhan. You will continue to marvel at the immensity of the place and its plains. Finally, you will arrive at Ger camp where you can enjoy a cold beer.

Day 5

Yoliin Am to Khongoriin Els (250 kilometers / 155 kilometers)
We will start exploring the Gurvan Saikhan National park. You will cross some tracks that will take you to glacier areas in the middle of canyons more than 2,700 meter high, with very nice views full of a great variety of birds. Today will be a hard day, but no less spectacular, including different types of road including sand. At the end of the day, you will enjoy riding parallel to the largest set of dunes in the southern area of the Gobi. Spend the night in front of them and see one of the most beautiful sunset views in the world.

Day 6

Khongoriin Els to Ongiin Hiid (300 kilometers / 186 miles)
After the sand, you will reach the steppes. You will travel from the west to the north through the green Mongolian steppes on the day when you will do more kilometers of the tour.During the day, you will cross Flaming Cliff, canyons more typical of Arizona and documented by the adventurer and explorer Roy Andrews Chapman in 1923, which is said to have been the inspiration for the Indiana Jones character. Your destination takes you to the Monastery of Ongii, which was destroyed during the communist era and is currently being partially restored. This area is well known for the populations of Bactrian camels, a species very widespread in this area, and with which you will have the opportunity to photograph.

Day 7

Ongi to Kharakhorum (260 kilometers / 162 miles)
Your destination today is the city of Kharakhorum, legendary capital of the Mongol Empire in the thirteenth century. You will ride through spectacular steppes surrounded by herds of wild horses. Then, you will eat in a curious place, and maybe you have to do some wading.Upon arrival, you will visit the Buddhist monastery of Erdene Zuu, the largest in Mongolia that was rebuilt in the sixteenth century. This construction is surrounded by 108 Stupas, and has been the main site of Buddhist pilgrimage for centuries. The last Ger camp awaits you in a spectacular setting. Today’s ride is 90% off road.

Day 8

Kharakhorum to Ulaanbaatar (350 kilometers / 217 miles)
Today, you will continue heading north on the road towards Ulaanbaatar. Today, you will have a special local surprise specially prepared for you in a spectacular place. In the afternoon, you will arrive to the capital. This is the end of the tour. You will leave the bikes, transfer to the hotel, and a big farewell hotpot dinner awaits you among photos.

Day 9

After breakfast, we will take you to the airport and say goodbye to Mongolia with the desire to return to explore the endless possibilities that this beautiful country has to offer.